Are you a mid-life professonal hungry to create a more meaningful life?
 If you are ready to create a life of meaning and purpose that calls upon your strengths to make a positive contribution to the world, you're at the right place. I've developed a proven step-by-step program that has already helped hundreds Follow their Bliss and live their most Soul-True life, and I can help you. 
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"Whatever we resist persists. Yet, whatever we have the courage to fully face, feel and embrace, becomes grace" Michael


Specializing In
Beyond traditional therapy and life coaching programs, I've Integrated principles from modern psychology and brain science with emotional heart intelligence and soul-wisdom to provide a holistic model of transformation proven to create the deep and lasting change from the inside out! It's all about you living your best life-a Soul True Life of Joy and meaning!

We specialize in:

• Helping milife professionals get unstuck and get their Life-Spark back by finding and following their BLISS!

Relief from the anxiety and emotional pain blocking you from finding your BLISS.         

• Stoping the Self-sabotage preventing you from living the life of joy and meaning you are meant to live. 

• Helping couples rescue fragile or broken relationship and making good relationships GREAT!

• Advanced Training for soul-centered therapists, healers and helping professionals.
My personal mission and life calling is to help people increase their joy and meaning by  
and living their most Soul True Life.
 It's what your soul is craving and world is needing.
It's the ONE TRUE GIFT you are here to live and give.

Don’t ask yourself what others need. Ask yourself what makes you come alive and then go
and do that. What the world needs is people who come alive!  ~Howard Thurman 

SOULutions Programs Business-To-Business Private Sessions Small Group Programs SOULutions SOULutions
No Cost Monthly Essence Circle   Discovering Purpose - Finding Wholeness Transformational Program   Programs for Conscious Businesses.
FIRE of Wholeness   Developing a Conscious Ego   Present the Paths to Wholeness Series      at Your Facility
MAPS to Wholeness   Conscious Couples Therapy  
Embrace Your Shadow   Conscious Integrative Breath Therapy    
Breath of Life      
I was a member of the walking wounded for decades..surviving, yes, thriving, no! No amount of
positive self lecturing, traditional therapy, or “unhealthy” escapism outlets worked for me. I had
pretty much given up ever being able to unbind myself from the emotional scars and childhood trauma
I suffered. By the grace of “divine intervention,” I found Michael Casteel and, as a “last ditch” effort,
threw myself wholeheartedly into his program. I cannot express what a monumental difference it has
made in my life! After my first breathwork experience, I was blown away (as was my husband!) by
feelings of extreme joy, happiness, gratefulness, forgiveness and even euphoria! I recommend this
to anyone who truly longs for a transformational shift in their life.  Alice, Atlanta,  Travel Agent
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SOULutions Offers Services for Removing Wholeness Blocks:

Aggression & Anger Anxiety & Panic Behavioral Challenges Business Coaching Co dependence
Couples Conflicts Emotional Mastery Gay & Lesbian Grief & Loss Goals for Life
Impaired Social Skills Inner Conflict Intimacy & Trust Problems Life Coaching Life Challenges & Crisis
Marriage Difficulties Men’s Issues Phobias Poor Self-Esteem Sexual Trauma
Sexual Dysfunction Spiritual Concerns Stress Relief Stress Management Transitions

Our Therapy Techniques Include:

Adult Counseling Biofeedback Body Awareness Breathwork Therapies Cathartic Release
Cognitive Therapy Dream Therapy Emotional Energy Discharge Enneagram Studies Group Therapy
Guided Meditations Holistic Therapy Hypnosis Neuro-Linguistic Reprogramming Personality Analysis
Psychotherapy Short-Term Counseling Transpersonal Counseling Voice Dialog  

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